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Sailormoon Icons
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This is a community for Sailormoon Icons! Whether they're anime, manga, live action or musical!
Please keep entries to Sailormoon related icons ONLY

1. Give credit where credit is due! I don't care if the person "only added text" They still put TIME into the icon. Give credit- respect the icon maker! (a tutorial on crediting can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/massiel/50842.html)

2. When posting more than 3 icons please use the lj cut.

3. Requests are allowed but try not to always be asking for icons. I'm sure many people will be offering to make custom icons anyway.

4. Please Particpate! Post icons, friends only banners, comments....

5. PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC!!!!!! Other community advertisements are not allowed unless they are Sailormoon Icon related. Thank you.

6. NEW RULE ADDED! Anyone found badmouthing or being mean to any of the members that posttheir icons for others to use and to see what they need to improve on will be kicked out and banned.. Now alot of new icon makers come here to post what they learned and hearing stuff that will make them want to quit is wrong, Hence you get one warning.. if you get asked not to hurt another member's feelings.. the second time your find yourself banned!

"As this is an icon community I would like to suggest an added rule. As an icon community, the community should back the icon makers which participate here. I think it's fair to say that any rules the icon creator makes should be followed by any and all that stumble across these posts, and this should be supported by the community. So, with that, any person or persons found not crediting when a creator wants it, the first time it'll be a warning, the second time, stricter warning, third time you're out, ban, do not pass go, do not collect $200. " Thank you usagichan

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